november 22 – just another day

what i did today:

  • got up at 0545
  • put the kettle on
  • took the dog out
  • made the coffee
  • showered & dressed
  • walked to the 0651 bus
  • rode into town with the other worker bees
  • work, work, work
  • came home to a simple meal of pasta cooked in our 1 pot
  • watched some old us reruns that are shown here in primetime
  • went to bed with the sight of the ocean and the lights of island bay out the window

what i didn’t do:

  • have the day off
  • watch football
  • enjoy turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie
  • go to bed early so i could get up for the 5:00 am sale at walmart

bit of a bummer

it will always be quite a challenge to have a proper turkey day here but this year was particularly difficult since we only have our very basic kitchen gear that a kind work colleague has loaned us and we don’t yet have any american friends (although that is a bit by choice – i didn’t come her to hang out with yanks). the jboss searched a bit for a hotel or restaurant that was targeting expats with a turkey dinner but came up empty. the local upscale grocery was offering turkeys for order (thanks for that) but without anything to cook it in/with it didn’t seem to be a good idea. pumpkin pie may be the biggest challenge. no signs of pumpkin pie here on a regular basis (it is a bit odd if you’re not used to it – who would have thought of making a pie out of a pumpkin?) and even finding the ingredients is proving to be a challenge.
we will start our research now so we will be better prepared for next year.
maybe a kind reader can record the football for next year and send a dvd our way?

he’s coming to town

santa that is.

today was the santa parade. if you were looking for a cute small town parade that you hadn’t seen since the 50’s then it didn’t disappoint. it will not be confused with the rose bowl parade or spectramagic – but i enjoyed it more.

(everyone lined up ready for santa / the royal marines marching band)

bring out the yorkies

(recent immigrants / not so recent immigrants). scots are the biggest ethnic group in nz.

polar opposites on the commercialization scale

there was a big hubbub over the request of the falun gong church to participate. ultimately there were allowed. i suppressed the irresistible urge to join only be avoiding direct eye contact.

and then comes the romanians. i’m enjoying the parade and then – whoa! – i’m pulled out into the street to dance with the romanians. [ed. the photo is not up to the usual fryphone standards, but with the main staff photographer out in the action the shot was taken by an occasional contributor to nzblog]

the parade was sponsored by the wellington city council and farmers. farmers is an nz department store chain that reminds me of sears or jc penneys from the 60’s – they will have larger stores in cities like wellington and little storefronts in the smaller towns.

remembering a revolutionary’sinsurgent’sfreedom fighter’s terrorist’s actions

tonight we went to the waterfront to watch fireworks celebrating guy fawkes day. fantastic night. after a quick 10 minute drive into the city we joined thousands of our fellow wellingtonians along the harbour for a great display. fireworks are really spectacular over the water – especially with city wrapping around.

adding to the atmosphere was steady stream of fireworks going off over the neighborhoods surrounding the harbour. fireworks are legal for sale here the week before guy fawkes day and many households stock up. and we’re not talking sparklers or snakes – these are big rockets that explode hundreds of feet in the air.

so who was guy fawkes? he was a 16th century roman catholic who planned the gunpowder plot – an attempt to end protestant rule in england by blowing up parliament and kill king james I.

nz children send their thanks to the youth of america

“you’re telling me that if i put some devil ears on my head and knock on doors folks will give me candy?”

halloween is just a minor novelty here with a few kids making the rounds in some very basic costumes. we had 6 at our door – but we are off the beaten path quite a bit. there is a sizable portion of nz that is pushing back on halloween as just another bit of american culture forcing it’s way around the world.

(us stats from 2003)